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Here's some of the feedback we've recieved from our clients...

Ted and Marian, Zeeland: "We are very thankful that we found Kathy and started working with her. She was not only patient with our dog, but she also was very kind and patient with us. It was very frustrating in the past when we called Penny to come and she ignored us. Kathy showed us how to use positive reinforcement to change this and now Penny actually comes running when we call. It’s obvious she loves working with dogs and now we enjoy working with our dog also."

Bob and Sandy, Grand Rapids: "What a difference this training has made. We went from thinking our terrier was untrainable to realizing he just didn’t understand what we wanted. It is much easier working with him now that we know how to motivate him."

Kelsey, Rockford: "I had never heard of clicker training before and didn’t know what to expect. Since I started using the clicker with Jake he has improved so much and, even more importantly, we are both having so much fun."

Jen Figurski: "Originally from Pennsylvania, I was transferred to Grand Rapids for work. My 2 dogs did not necessarily handle the transition from a house with a large yard to an apartment very well. Specifically, my 5 year old Collie-Shepherd mix became somewhat aggressive toward others because he could not understand that the building was shared. I enlisted Kathy’s help and now wish I would have called her sooner! In one meeting, she taught me to understand the behaviors that I had been struggling with for months. As a psychologist, I quickly realized that Kathy’s positive reinforcement techniques were exactly how I help parents understand their children. I truly appreciated her thoroughness prior to the first meeting so that she had a game plan the moment she walked in my door. Over the next 2 sessions, Kathy’s warm and calm demeanor allowed me to feel comfortable with my challenges and open to learning how to resolve them. Training was primarily geared toward the Collie-Shepherd mix; however, all of the techniques were applicable to my Beagle as well. I’m happy to say that my dog no longer exhibits aggressive behaviors. Kathy has equipped me with the knowledge and skill set needed to understand my dogs’ behavior and how to work to create positive change. While my training efforts continue, I feel that I am a more confident and competent owner. I could not be more pleased with my experience!" Click here for a larger photo of AidanAndBaxter.

Colin and Lyndsey Nelson: "Thanks so much, Kathy, for your help and advice with Chaco. He has really taken to the clicker training. He is doing so well with a lot of the things you showed us. He continues to improve with walking too. We really appreciated your approach to working with Chaco and explaining to us your methods. Chaco has become much more attentive to us and way more obedient. Thanks again for your help! We will be in contact if he discovers any new and fun little tricks that we need to adjust!" Click here for a photo of Chaco.

Lyle and Lois Livasy: "Kathy, Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated the time you spent teaching us how to train Jake. Your patience and thoroughness made our time together very productive. Jake is starting to respond to many different training situations. He appears to enjoy the training, sometimes like a game and sometimes to think and figure out what he needs to do to make us happy. The positive approach makes every session enjoyable for us as well as for Jake. What started out as just a way to get Jake to walk nice on a leash has become a new way of interaction with Jake affecting all of our time with him. Jake will miss your visits. He sure did like to show off what he learned between visits and was usually on his best behavior except when he had some of those "in your face moments" that you ignored so effectively. Here is a picture that Jake wanted you to have so you wouldn't forget him. He says thanks too!" Click here for a larger photo of Jake.

Jessica, Andrew, Toby, and Jasper: "Kathy was very helpful with our 2 dogs, Toby and Jasper. She taught us some more advanced behavior training, clicker training, help with one of our dog's resource guarding, and assisted preparing our dogs for our coming first baby! Her methods were always gentle and positive and we learned something new each session!" Click here for a photo of Toby and Jasper.

Steve and Lisa, Wyoming: "Kathy helped us see that we were actually rewarding Daisy for jumping up on us when we came home. Since we started following her advice, Daisy has made great progress and we don’t dread opening the door!"

Chris, Allendale: "Kathy, I can’t believe how much progress Sadie has made after just one session. She started calming down shortly after you arrived instead of barking and running around as usual the whole time we have anyone over. We tried to take a group class before but we were too distracted by the other dogs and owners. The in-home training let us concentrate on what we wanted to work on. I appreciate your knowledge of how dogs learn and your patience in training both Sadie and me."

Marcus, Grand Rapids: "Thanks for making training so simple and understandable. A previous trainer said I would need to use a choke collar to control my Rottie but that seemed to make him upset and harder to control. Now that I’m rewarding him for making correct choices, he is much happier and easier to work with. We are able to take walks without worrying about how he will react if we see other dogs and this has definitely reduced my stress level."

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