I specialize in in-home training because it's a convenient way to accommodate your busy schedule and because it allows all family members to participate. And because the sessions are at your home, both you and your dog will be relaxed and comfortable.

Our first step will be a phone consultation to determine which behaviors you would like to address. Once we establish what is needed, I will give you a quote for my services. I then will send out a detailed questionnaire to obtain information about your dog and any problem areas you want addressed. Obtaining this information beforehand eliminates having to spend time during our training session gathering information. That means when I'm in your home, we can concentrate solely on training.

Since each dog-and-owner relationship is unique, we will set up a customized training program that is effective and easy to follow. At our training session we will cover several topics including:
     • How dogs think and learn
     • What motivates dogs
     • How to use positive reinforcement to reward your dog
     • How to use a clicker for training
     • How to eliminate unwanted behavior
     • What common pitfalls to avoid in training
     • What the key factors are for having a happy, healthy dog

Understanding how dogs learn and having a simple plan will take the frustration and stress out of training. My goal is for you to be successful and to have fun so you will enjoy living with your well-mannered canine friend.

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